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Ways to Fix Your Personal Online Reputation is the question most often asked. Here are few tips that might help you.

It is a given these days that if your Personal reputation is damaged that you must fix your online reputation to prevent further damage to your personality or business. Most people are not familiar that certain companies or employers are now checking the personal background of their applicants and future employees online.

On the other hand, an attack on the credibility of a particular product, company, or brand could mean a reduction in customers and eventual sales. Suppose you or your business have been a subject of reputation attacks online or if your online attacks have gone too far. In that case, the following measures should help in fixing that reputation.

How To Fix an Online Personal or Brand Reputation

Delete or Retract the damaging information or messages about you. The majority of the personal reputation and brand attacks are now channeled via numerous social networking sites. Negative information can be created by a person him/herself or perhaps, enemies or brand competitors. The good thing about these social networking sites is the ability to delete or retract these negative messages. Therefore, you need to identify and look for these negative messages or information and delete them from your account or profile. If other persons or competitors create these messages, you could request the website administrators to delete them.

Delete or Retract the damaging information or messages about you to fix personal reputation management

Apologize if necessary. Dependent on the information or accusation, it might be essential for you to apologize if your online actions and messages went overboard. Acknowledging mistakes and making plans and actions to correct them ceases further damage on you or your brand’s reputation.

Be transparent and prove otherwise. If the degrading or damaging information is pure allegations and false claims, the best way to fix your online reputation is to be forthright, clarify, and answer the issue. Instead of deleting an allegation, you might want to reply and respond with the correct facts you know or clarifications you have. For an online business, transparency can be achieved by presenting client or customer reviews, whether positive or negative.

Continue Promoting Yourself or your Brand. There are numerous online resources that you can use to build or bring back your good reputation. You can use Search Engine Optimization or SEO tactics to your advantage, social networking sites, etc. People remember one or two negative things about you or your business. In that case, it is necessary to promote and post multiple positive media posts about you or your business. This is just how competition works over the internet. One or two negatives can hardly make a difference if it is buried in a Sea of Positivity.

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