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Personal reputation management solutions for job seekers. Personal reputation management is vital to the next generation of job seekers competing in today’s ultra-competitive job market.


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“You only have one chance to make a first impression.”

There is tremendous competition in the job market today, and don’t count on this changing anytime soon.

Recent graduates exit college with a new degree, and many are loaded with student loans. To pay these off, you, of course, need a job. With so many applicants, even for entry-level positions, employers have to choose the right candidates for the job. Of course, having a great resume, being personable and confident, and selling yourself during the interview will always be important in the hiring process…but what about how you look online?


A recent survey found that over 75% of employers perform a quick online search for prospective employees.

When they find you online, are they going to see anything that might put your prospects of being hired at risk?

Many people do not think their Facebook posts, Tweets, and lack of individual profiles (LinkedIn) are important factors and are not relevant…well, these people are wrong! How you look online, and what content is online about you is critical.

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Next Generation


Make sure that the best snapshot of you is online, let the experts at Reputation Maxx help you customize your online presence and appeal to future employers, so you can set out on your career today!

Protect one of the biggest investments of your life; your education. Call us today and start taking control of your online profile and appearance.



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