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The reputation management experts at Reputation Maxx reveal that as the New Year approaches, businesses large and small should concerned about their online standing. To look stunning to potential customers in 2017, strong online reputation management strategies are essential as they can help a business grow and change into a brand that can be trusted. However, some of the best online reputation management strategies are not conducted online, but start right in the heart of the business. These strategies from the Phoenix reputation management firm need to be kept in mind for success in the New Year so Reputation Maxx shares how companies can begin building great reputations with customers that will lead to glowing reviews.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction: Online reputation management strategies start in person. Giving a customer a great experience is what motivates them to leave positive reviews and tell their friends about the experiences that they have had. However, clients and customers will only give you these reviews if you have given them a worthy experience. In order to garnish the love and admiration of your clients, you have to go the extra mile. Ensure that the staff cares for the customer and takes pride in their work. Hire managers that will get involved with clients and show that they are committed to their satisfaction.
Modernize: Implement new methods to make processes faster and easier for the customers so that they feel like their needs are being considered and met. These little steps can do a lot to make a client feel more at ease and inspire them to give you great reviews. Fast-laning by using new technologies to let your clients order online, or otherwise bypass wait time is a great option. As individual attention spans continue to decrease, online reputation management strategies should include attempts to make each process faster for the client, and to engage them quickly and easily.
Use a follow-up: Customer service should not end once the customer leaves. There should always be a follow-up. If you own a hotel, call your guest to make sure they got home safe. If you have a car dealership, send the customer a congratulatory email. Thank customers through social media and show them how much you appreciate their business. Again, going the extra mile is one of the great online reputation management strategies. You can also take an opportunity during the follow-up to ask satisfied customers to leave you some feedback or a review. This means that the follow-up can be a win-win situation for you and your client.

In the New Year, ensure that you use some of the simplest strategies to help your online reputation shine for your new customers. Learn more about Reputation Maxx and reputation management solutions by visiting our Facebook page.