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Listings Management – Manage and control online brand presence from one platform

Maintaining your brand consistly across multiple websites for all business location can be impossible. Enhanc your presence management across all premium listings with Reputation Maxx.

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Listings management

Listing your business on Google maps, Facebook, Bing, Yelp, and many othersocial platforms so no matter where customers search, you are on the radar.

Location Management

List every one of your locations or business outlet to gain a more significant share of voice on search platforms. Manage updates and publish changes across listings with just one click.

Voice Search Optimization - need content here

Gather feedback directly from real customers to constantly improve your products and services offerings via email and or SMS

Profile Analytics

Monitor the visitors you get, track everyday interactions, and optimize all your profiles to drive better results and convert more site visits into clients.

Revenue Calculator

Accurately track the revenue impact you recieve of your online business profiles, and boost up your marketing campaigns with real data-driven insights to increase your revenue.

Ranking Analytics

Track how your business ranks in the search using keywords closely associated with your services and industry, and swiftly take action to improve your ranking.

Content – Carefully tailor your online image with branded content

Representing your business, services, and locations accurately across websites can take time and effort. The Content Management module helps you tailor your content once and publish it everywhere so your customers have a seamless brand experience.

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Rich Media Management

Integrate Synup with your CRM and POS systems to build content libraries, and publish rich content such as product images, promotional offers, and location updates across the web and social sites


Craft engaging posts about upcoming service updates, offers, menu changes, and more to engage with your customer base and attract attention to your business

User roles

Empower your teams to accomplish their goals with access level controls to manage your content for everyone, from brand executives to your local store employees


Automatically change menus, and publish posts to profiles. Reduce routine tasks and enable your team to focus more on strategic marketing to drive growth


Accurately measure and collect data on performance from your profiles and tailor your content to drive more clicks and conversions.


Accurately measure and collect data on performance from your profiles and tailor your content to drive more clicks and conversions.

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 Reviews – Control your Business Online Reputation

Finding all your online reviews manually and responding to them quickly can take time and effort. Reputation Maxx consolidates all reviews across multi-platforms into one single dashboard, making it simple for you to engage with your customers quickly and build a better reputation.

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Review Responses

Monitor incoming reviews across premier partner sites, including Google, Facebook, and Yelp, and respond to them from the dashboard

Review Highlights

Intelligent Natural-Language-Processing quickly analyzes your customer sentiment to inform you what they like or dislike about your company from your reviews.

Review Acquisition

Gather feedback directly from real customers to constantly improve your products and services offerings via email and or SMS

Response Templates

Create and save often-used responses as templates and respond to customers with just one simple click

Smart Response

Our intelligent response system allows you to customize templates and automatically respond to reviews based on sentiment, star rating, locations, or keywords. With Reputation Maxx, you can quickly escalate the 1 to 3-star reviews to a team member and never miss a negative review again.

Review Analytics

Get a 360 overview of your business performance and customer sentiment to visualize your reputation across regions, locations, or administrative divisions.

Insights – Converting more visitors from your profiles

Customer interactions impact your revenue. Reputation Maxx helps you monitor customers’ interactions across their profiles–and make better decisions that increase their engagement.

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What is KPI? Keyword Performance Indicators

Want to know your KPIs? We’ve got you covered. Get an in-depth look at all your progress with things like Profile Views, Website Visits, Direction Requests, Button Clicks, and Revenue contribution. View this on a month-to-month basis to see how everything is improving.

Rank Analytics

Digital marketing is essential to help grow your business. Start by monitoring your company’s search rank. You’ll be able to see what keywords people are using to find you online and learn how you can optimize your profiles and content to increase your share of voice in the industry.

Review Analytics

Review Analytics is a review monitoring and analysis system that tracks inputs from e-commerce vendors and offers insights on gaining genuine reviews.

Dive into your reviews and rankings to fully understand where your business stands. Catch a potential problem before it spreads, and respond to every review to build a fantastic customer reputation.

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 Automation – How Much Time Can You Save by Automating Your Workflows?

Every edit you make to your profile needs to be repeated across stores and websites, causing considerable time and effort for your team. Reputation Maxx Automations can easily handle everything, so now this gives you more time to personalize your client experience and help refine and enhance your marketing.

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Time-based Automation

Schedule particular actions to be executed at a specific time. As an example, automatically dispatch performance reports every Friday to all your managers.

Event-based Automation

Reputation Maxx observes what is happening across your profiles and acts accordingly. For example, automatically thank customers for four or 5-star reviews or escalate 1-star reviews internally. Control how you look online.


Use Reputation Maxx pre-built recipes to streamline your workflows and intelligently automate your tasks with just a few clicks.


Choose when your automation trigger should be executed – whenever a review comes in, or when it is a national holiday, you choose the time to respond.


Choose the conditions for a rule to be executed. Do you want to run it for every store on the East coast? Or for all stores or franchises but not directly controlled outlets? You pick and choose. It is that easy.


Decide what Reputation Maxx should do for you. For example, send an escalation email to select managers, update profiles with new content, or thank the customer.

Campaigns – Increase your Conversion Rates, and Boost Up your Bottom Line

Digging deeper into your buyer’s journey can help you show off products and services to convert more leads. Increase exposure for your products, decrease the clicks needed to buy and watch as conversions take flight.


Drive Sales With or Without the Need to Operate a Physical Storefront

The Showcase template brings creativity and innovation to your homepage by showcasing your top products. The showcase has a multi-column grid layout with room for icons & images.

Let customers find your profile easily. Highlight your products and services and help them find the answers to their searches with less work. This will make it much easier for them to buy from you, too.

Special Offers

The new and improved platform has powerful tools to make it easy for your clients to find the perfect product for their needs.


Here at Reptation Maxx, we have a variety of solutions that can help you increase your leads and sales. One way you can do this is by sharing store updates and other service information on Google Maps or Facebook. This way, visitors can get in touch with you and visit your website.

Track Conversions Right From Your Profile

One of our most popular features is our integrated campaign management tools. You can manage multiple campaigns and networks without hassle with a single login.


 Messanger – Earn Client Loyalty and Enhance your customer Expereince

Providing the customer with the information they need and an easy way to contact your business will have a huge impact on their buying decision. Reputation Maxx Messenger allows you to track each interaction, measure it’s effectiveness, and jump on problems with potential customers before they happen.

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Google Business Messages

Reputation Maxx lets you easily create, send, track and manage messages through Google Business messages.

Template creation enables you to spend less time typing, and more time converting.

Reputation Maxx Messenger is a business messaging service that allows you to integrate all of your locations and messages onto one platform.

To ensure that you never miss an email message, make sure you set up notifications that alerts you every time you get a new email.

We use an auto-pilot system for customer communication. With one platform, you get a seamless process of multi-location marketing that frees up your employees to do other things.

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