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Legacy Maxx

How will you be remembered? Will you leave the passage of your legacy to chance, to the haphazard words and random memories of others? Or, would you rather take complete control of it, of the story of your life? Legacy Maxx is a service provided by Reputation Maxx, the nation’s premiere reputation management service. Our professionals already know how to help businesses and individuals take command of their day-to-day, online image. Our newest service employs those same concepts to help you tell your story after you’ve gone.

Let’s face it. It’s difficult enough to protect and control your online reputation while you are alive. Imagine how difficult it is when you are no longer here to attend to the details! Legacy Maxx, a division of Reputation Maxx, can do the job for you, and do it exactly the way you require. For decades, people have been including video statements in their wills. These homemade productions are one way that consumers have tried to transmit not only a last will and testament, but also a biographical statement about their lives. For the purpose it serves, this type of video statement is okay, but it usually is short, poorly produced and nothing more than a static piece of personal history. With Legacy Maxx, you receive a complete, professional online management service that includes not just video and audio, but a wide platform of social media presence that can include an entire array of functions.

Anyone over the age of 40 has probably considered making a will. That’s a smart way to begin estate planning. But Legacy Maxx lets you take the concept of “planning for the future” a step further. Our team of experts will help you prepare an entire package of online statements, videos, social media postings and biographical information. Wills and last testaments are fine for explaining what you want done with your assets. But, how will your children and grandchildren learn about your life from a simple financial document? They won’t. The fact of the matter is that most people want their families to know their life story, the highlights, lowlights, interesting encounters, achievements, heartbreaks, successes, personal triumphs and all the details that aren’t conveyed in a simple eulogy or obituary. Don’t let a newspaper’s sole paragraph about your life be the end of the story. And why should your cousin or neighbor’s short, though heartfelt, eulogy be the final statement of your long, storied life? Your legacy will live on through Legacy Maxx, long after eulogies, obituaries and wakes have come and gone. Our specialized legacy services are unique in the industry, customized to your exact specifications, and will let your friends and loved ones know what your life was all about.

The Internet is the primary source for personal information about anybody and anything. That’s why your legacy needs to include a strong, well-managed online presence. Preferably, that legacy will be in the hands of those who know how to handle it, how to manage it correctly and professionally. Our team at Legacy Maxx has been working with online reputation management since the concept first came into existence. With our specialized service, you get full control of what people will know about your life. Whether you choose to publish a video to the general public or just your friends and loved ones, it’s up to you. Perhaps you want to let your children know about your own childhood. Or, maybe you did some things in your youth that could be instructive to your family in some way. Your legacy need not consist solely of happy times and pleasant memories. Many people, especially toward the end of their lives, feel the need to talk about their past to others. If you choose to do so, keep in mind that Legacy Maxx gives you 100 percent control of who sees your recorded videos, audio or photographic profiles. Your legacy belongs to you! Every step of the way, you decide who sees what. That’s the way it should be. Legacy profiles through Legacy Maxx can include any number of components, primarily a video testimonial, any kind of audio statements, musical montages, documentary-type productions, and much more.

At Legacy Maxx, we give you all the tools you need to come up with a complete statement about your life and times, your customizable biography, online and in your total control. Don’t leave your legacy to the shifting winds of family opinions and online chat rooms. Get one of our Legacy Maxx packages and discover how empowering it can be to assemble your own legacy, exactly the way you envision it.